Truck and autobus Bayas tire
Size 11.00-20 Design ULN

Bayas truck and autobus tire 11.00-20 size with tire threaded design under model ULN is one of the products of Artawheel Tire Industries Complex Company under the trade mark of Goldstone which is recommended for general use for flat and sloppy roads with motor and rear axles. This tire is suitable for rear axles and possessing excellent gripping. This tire is designed in such a manner in order to tolerate load in long routes and to show good performance in the worst climate conditions on roads. This tire is used in long routes and various climatic conditions and roads and is desigtned  for installing in rear axles of trucks and autobuses. Gripping power of this design is very high and its durability is excellent in various conditions. This design is possessing Persian Gulf standard.

Considering the high quality even in comparison to the imported tires and reasonable price due to correct management and using specialized,skilled and well-experienced designer with the modern production means of Goldstone company,most of the consumers and even the automobile manufacturers of our wide country persuade for the purchase and use of this tire